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Summer '17 Bucket List (-ish) | Summer Ideas!!

OKAY so here's the deal...I was thinking of what I was going to post this week, and the thought came to mind that YES summer is practically here in full swing and if I had wanted to set a bucket list for this summer I probably should have done that last month :)) BUT nevertheless I thought it would be fun to compile... you know like a list of ideas of fun stuff to do in the summer and see what all I could cross off.  Because why not, right? xD So basically this post is a list of things to do in the summer and stuff I want to do this summer? tbh I honestly did already do some "summer" things already (it's almost the end of June like wut), but still.  HENCE THIS POST. 

If you've been around long enough you probably remember that I've done a post similar to this for the last two years (oh my goodness that's a long time wooow), so I guess it's kind of like tradition now? Eh...BUT I went back and looked over the list I had last year, you know, just because I'm writing this post now and WOW.  My goal last year was to have a perfect garden, y'all. :P Like that...ever...happens.  *cough* And also to be fair with my last-year-self, macarons are hard to make and you definitely don't have time to make them :))

T H I N G S   T O   D O   I N   T H E   S U M M E R  //

+ go dance in the rain
+ make homemade ice cream
+ eat a lot of watermelon
+ see how late you can sleep in
+ see how early you can get up
+ go fruit picking 
+ work on your hobby and master your game yo 
+ go play tennis at the park
+ plan a day with your friends
+ blow balloons up and take pretty pictures
+ watch sunsets
+ watch the sun rise
+ feel the wind beat down on you before the storm
+ breathe deep 
+ drink a lot of water
+ put pretty fruit in your water bc it's summer ok
+ give thanks for 10 things every morning
+ go barefoot
+ visit the zoo 
+ make an dessert  
+ go buy some ice cream (butter pecan is so good with brownies ok)
+ think about the future 
+ pray a lot
+ go to a yard sale 
+ plan a picnic

   + make cold lemonade for those hot days
+ read a book
+ look at your bucket list & actually work at it
+ try gardening (even if it's just one plant)
+ read the Bible
+ go look at the stars
+ sleep under the stars if you can
+ climb a tree
+ make a scrapbook
+ call your friends who you don't see very often
+ send snail mail
+ find an ice rink + go skating bc it's hot out there
+ cook a full course meal
+ thank God for your friends
+ host a bake off
+ grab the hose and spray somebody
+ try a totally foreign cuisine
+ take a long walk or hike
+ have a photoshoot
+ work hard
+ go a day without wifi and electronics
+ bake cookies (for yourself or someone else ;)
+ make a DIY 


SO THERE YA GO.  That's literally 50 ideas for when if you get bored this summer :P I'll probably refer back to this once and awhile to see if there's anything I feel like doing (because I already did do a 1/4 of these probably), but it was fun just trying to come up with a whole bunch of "summer" themed activities, y'know?  What do you all like to do in the summer? Are you pretty busy? It seems like so many of my friends have jobs and stuff now, so they don't always have a lot of free time in the summer.  BUT GUYS.  It's worth it to make time every now and then for the little things :) They're important.  What are some more things I should add to this list? (Because I know I didn't get everything xD) 


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Wooden Pathway to Beach Shore

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Enjoy every single moment.  The good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly, the inspiring, the not-so-glamorous moments and thank God through it all.  -Meghan Matt

I think I might've used this quote before, but I like it so it can get a repeat xD Originally I was going to do a recipe and/or video this week, which I was super excited about (!!), but stuff didn't happen and sadly I can't edit anything yet ARGHHHHHHH.  So instead since I was overdue for this post anyway, I thought I'd share some pictures I found on the internet :)) Lesson is -- life happens.  Sometimes it's difficult.  You get through it.  :P 

How's your life? Not just "good"...but HOW ARE YOU? How's June been so far? Which was your favorite picture? (I'm not going to lie...sometimes when I  do these posts I feel like the pictures have no coherence and are super random...but I REALLY love this set.  IDK WHY IT'S JUST GOOD VIBES) HAVE YOU BEEN HIT BY THIS AWESOME 90 DEGREE WEATHER LATELY? It's been so warm and lovely I just love it.  This is summer living ♥♥ Do you have a job this summer? Let's talk!!! 


Living In and Beyond the Moment // Thoughts

People have a tendency to get stuck in a rut.  I started noticing this so, SO much over the last school year.  Life has this way of doing that.  What do I mean? We get so accustomed to our everyday life.  If you're a student, it probably involves school.  If you work, your routine revolves around your job.  Every single person has this...thing they do.  Something.  Every day.  It's why you get up.  It's what you do.

But that routine can put us to sleep.
We go through the same motions, day in and day out.  Every day can be the exact same routine as the day before, and the day after.

Sure, sometimes we get all fired up about something.   We hear a great sermon or speech, we read an amazing article, we hear a great song, or we come across the most profound quote we ever laid eyes on, and we get excited. Little, happy thoughts of motivation tantalize us, and we feel...good. But, hey, is that really enough?

Are those thoughts—however motivational and cute they may be—going to effect a change in our life? Well, sometimes they do.  But, sometimes they don’t.  And, to be fair, in my life, I’ve found out that a lot of times—they don’t. It takes more than just a cute quote to change a life.  It takes resolve. 

Life is more than just living a routine.  We all do live a routine, I’m not disputing that.  But there can be so much more to life than just living that routine out.  HOW do you live that routine out?

You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them. –Maya Angelou

Okay, so YES.  You go to work every morning.  Question—are you going to work or are you going to work? Okay, so you get up and go to school every day to get that education.  Fine.  What fuels you every morning? What is your goal?  You can’t just be living the daily drudgeries of life because YOU FREAKING HAVE TO. I mean, technically, you can.  BUT THAT'S NO FUN.  That's boring and pathetic, honestly! Put joy in life. Find the things that impact your life and make a change.  Ask God for help.  L I V E.
Green Leaf Trees and Gray Asphalt Road
Celebrate life.  Thank Jesus.  I once heard an illustration about the shortness of our lives that inspired me.  Imagine a long, long rope.  That rope resembles eternity.  It goes on and on forever, and never ends.  And at the beginning of the rope, think of a little red piece of tape that spans—I don’t know—maybe an inch and a half? And that piece of tape is our life.  WOW.  That’s it.  That little piece.  And then what? Eternity.  (Honestly, I don’t think we talk about it enough.  But that's a topic for another time...kind of)
And I think that there are two ways to take that illustration's idea.  1) We get caught up in the here and now, and we don’t focus on the big picture.  Granted, we don’t know and we can’t see the full picture, but I thank God that He does.  But 2) we can't forget that God has put us here for a reason.  There is a purpose for every single person on the planet, and we have to rise up and live out God’s plan for us.  That’s why I call it “living in the moment and beyond the moment.”  Because that’s what you have to do, isn’t it?

Thinking long- term about the decisions that we make today and how they will affect us is something I think a lot of people tend to forget, but is so vitally important to LIFE.  Getting caught up in the moment and forgetting everything else? NAY MY FRIEND.  Look beyond that moment.  Life can be complete only in Christ, and living every single second out for Him is what makes it all truly worth it.  The choices we make today, tomorrow, next week—they all affect us.  The life we live today is fleeting, but eternity? Man, that's forever.

Yet at the same time, live in every moment.  Don’t let life slip through your fingers. Don't live in yesterday or tomorrow, LIVE NOW. Embrace that calling God has on your life and DON’T LET IT GO.  Fight for it.  Live in the moment for beyond the moment.  (I MAKE SO MUCH SENSE right lol) Don’t live in each day for itself, but remember the big picture.  Having regrets for the rest of that rope by one moment of “living in the moment” is so not worth it.  Don't forget that God placed you on His green earth for a very, very special purpose.  Don't forget to treasure every second of this precious gift of life.  It's not here forever. But use every second to build up for what will last forever. 

Well, THERE'S THAT.  To be honest, I have no idea what this post was :P It's just something that I've been wanting to write for a very long time so I decided to finally just write down I'm thinking.  Thoughts? What's your take on this? (Also if you could ignore the messed-up spacing in this post that'd be great thanks xD )